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Suddenly is an acoustic ballad, visiting the melancholic melodies of English folk, moving to the frontiers of psychedelic rock.
Jose’s deep and sensual voice captivates the listener, with the strength and soul of a charming crooner.
His acoustic playing provides a swinging accompaniment and can rapidly evolve into complex and colourful structures. Throughout the record, the choirs and subtle keyboard melodies give the final touch to Jose’s compositions. Two great singers appear at the sides of Jose: Mariona Aupi offers a very romantic duo on June or July, and Parisian song writer Seb Sigault, performs on Leave the things like this.

. Wonderful at first sight (3’46)
. June or July (4’32)
. Vanity (5’21)
. Whistling my tunes (3’33)
. I wanna be loved by you (2’11)
. Sugar (5’53)
. As it was your life (3’08)
. Fullmoon rise (4’53)
. Leave the things like this (2’21)
. Straight to your neck (4’47)
. Pink (4’43)

All songs composed and performed by Jose Domingo, except I wanna be loved by you. Recorded in 2006-2007 at the Smoking Room studio in Paris.